Gregoire Rousseau


2007...XX Supervisor and teacher at Kuva
Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.
Specialized in electronic art design, electronic workshops organiser, part of Gizmology course. Organizer of "Electricity and Sculpture" course.
In charge of electronic development at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, ATELIER workshop located in Sculpture department, Kaikkukatu 1st floor.
Professional skills in Arduino platform, Eagle CAD, Processing, SwitchCAD. Design of KUVA shield PCB, a pedagogical tool to teach programming methods using Arduino platform. Works with students, Phd people and teachers/lecturers. Production of 30 Printed Circuit Board at Prinel Oy, granted by Kuva.

2015 "TILA" Pertti Kekarainen
Electronic design kinetic sculpture; motor control and addressable LEDs light programming. Show in Forum Box.

2014 Audio device / Anders Bergman
Electronic design for piezo microphone and light sensors.
Square wave generator for wide use, from drum kick to noise synth.

2014 Ring Modulator / Keranen
Electronic building for noise artist Tommi Keranen.
Achieved together with Daniel Urli.

2013 Nuoret show
Electronic support for Reija and Elina Vaino at Taidehalli.

2013 Villu Jaaniso, "Forest"
exhibited in Sculptor, Helsinki.
Printed circuit Board and Arduino coding to control/dim 36 power LED stripes.

2013 "8" by Taneli Rautianen
Work in Alkovi and Oksasenkatu galleries.
Design of DMX control board, Arduino compatible.

2013 "From Within the Mountain" by Ida Palojarvi
Work in Anhava gallery.
Design of DMX controled light, use of distance sensor. PING. Arduino based.

2013 "Hand on wire" by Thomas Westphal
Sculpture in Kiasma Museum in "Kiasma Hits".
Complete electronic design, 2 DC motors, 2 sensors and video synchronization.

2013 "Waves" by Villu Jaanisoo
Sculpture in EMMA collection shown for three years.
Reprogramming of 96 servo-motors synchronization. Work on original board, Basic Stamp 2.5.

2013 Venice Biennale for Terike Haapoja
Shown at Nordic Pavillon in Venise.
Complete electronic design for "Dialogue", "Inhale/exhale" and tree pieces.

Design of Printed circuit board series, Arduino programming, data processing from light and CO2 sensor, volume control for speaker amplifier, control of pneumatic valves, reading from analogure tree size sensor, serial control of VS1000 audio module, serial communication with Processing software.

Processing programming to ; read CO2 sensor from Arduino; pneumatic valves control to Arduino; DMX control to 6 channels DMX mixer by DMX over USB -ENTTEC module-. Use of serial and DMX libraries.
Processing software exported as stand-alone application.

2013 "The Living in Three Acts" by Anna Estarriola
Shown at HIAP gallery in Cable Factory.
DC Motor control, Stepper motor synchronized with video using HD mediaplayer. Design of Printed Circuit Boards, Arduino programming and Brightsign scripting.

2013 Workshop at Aalto/Pori Unit
In visual culture department.
Workshop/lecture regarding use of electronics in contemporary arts, introduction to electronic basics and significant related artworks. Part-time teacher position.

2013 Drawing in the flesh
at Vantaa Museum in January.
Workshop in KallioKunsthalle on motors and their operating methods. Course and spirit organized by Petri Hyytonen.

2012 Gizmology exhibition
at FAFA gallery in November.
Instructor for Critical Technical installations.
Catalogue scan.

2012 "Disport" by Thomas Westphal
Opening at Kasarminkatu 8th of November.
Kinetic video installations. Documentation to come.

2012 "Vision of a City" by Tatu Tuominen
6 channels DMX sequence programming with Processing software to control 6 450W spotlights. ENTEC DMX PRO and BOTEX hardware.
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2012 "Gospel / Evangeelium" by Pauliina Jokela
Complete electronic design to control 12 servos motors synchronised with audio modules, shown in the exhibition 'Perfektne Mets / Perfect Forest' at EKKM, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia. (MA graduation show of the Estonian Academy of Arts, sculpture department)
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2012 "Hiilipuu" by Terike Haapoja
Temperature sensor, light sensor and CO2 sensor data is collected then sent to computer, achieved with Arduino. "Processing" software to process and store sensor's data.
Shown in Tiedekulma, part of World Design Capital program.

2012 "Goddamn Mind Changer" by Anna Estarriola
Software and Hardware design to motorize three installations, show in Huuto gallery.
Anna Estarriola

2011 "Edge of the World" by Terike Haapoja
Embedded system to give indication about visitor's position, at AMOS museum.

2011 "Vertical Limit" by Thomas Westphal
Kinetic sculpture including video works, use of motors, micro-switches, configured HD-player and software for Arduino, Fiskars show in Finland.
Thomas Westphal

2011 "Chair game" by Adel Abidin
Multi chanel video synchromization.
Galerie Anne de Villepoix.

2010-11 "Dialogue" and "Inhale-Exhale" works
Electronic design and programming for Terike Haapoja, installations exhibited in Joensuu Museum, RIXC in Riga, ISEA 2010 in Dortmund, Museum of Salo in 2012.
Terike Haapoja

2010 "Nationalism" animation by Christian Hennie
drawing biennale tegnebiennale2010/Norway
Art work with Christian Hennie, use of distance sensor and MAX-MSP programming.
Christian Hennie

2010 "Father and Son" by Villu Jaanisoo
Shown at Taidehalli Helsinki museum. Two pieces using four channels HD-video synchronised by programmed timer.
Villu Jaanisoo

2009 "Game of choice" by Minna Langstrom
Design and making of electronic boards processing distance sensors to implement back and forth communication with MAX-MSP over serial port to trigger sound and LED effects, at Muu gallery.
Minna Langstrom

2008 Design of Solarpool PCB workshop
Professional design of printed circuit board, edition of 100 pieces manufactured at Prinel Oy.

2007 "Hyvaa paivaa. Mista olette kotoisin ? "
with Raita Virkkunen, "Unknown city"
Sound installation in public space at waiting room for Suomenlinna city ferry in Helsinki.

2007 "Solarsisu"
Co developed with Anders Bergman Solar instrument project using ONLY solar power, info at Prototype installation on display at Citysol festival in New York, 2007 St Petersburg Biennale.

2007 "Camera / Projection" for Axel Straschnoy
FRAME support, Maatila gallery. Design / Programming of device to trigger, regularly, S8mm camera shutter by servo motor.

2006 Research and Development engineering office at Vaisala Instrument.

2001...XX Audiovisual instruments for Tuulanauhat record label Design of electronic devices to create video or/and sound. Devices built range from analogue delay and drum machines to video generator and simple Low Frequency Oscillators. Janne Nabb
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